Essential Features of a Good Paintball Mask

When playing paintball, the face mask is the most important protective gear. Its primary purpose is to keep you safe. It protects your eyes from balls with a high traveling speed. The masks are designed such that they absorb any direct shock from a paintball hitting from any range or distance.

It is better to buy your mask instead of renting. There are many masks to choose from. When purchasing one ensure that it fits your face properly and that you can see. If you are wondering how you are going to get the best, here are essential features you need to consider when buying a good paintball mask.

Paintball Mask

This is the most important part of a paintball mask. It helps you see, and at the same time, it protects your face and eyes from paint, smoke, and dust. There are different kinds of lens. A dual pane is made of two lenses attached. This is important because the combination prevents fogging. Since paintball dojo is normally played during summer, buy a mask which is UV resistant to ensure that your eyes do not wear down because of UV damage.


This is everything below the lens. Bottoms cover part of your neck and your entire chin. They also include cheek and nose protection as well as vents. Vents are important because that’s where your nose and mouth will breathe in and out. The best vent should be such that it allows you to breathe properly but at the same time, prevents you from coming to direct contact with the paint.


What good is a paintball mask that can’t stay firm on your head? Straps hold the mask firmly on your head. When buying a mask, try it on and ensure that it fits properly without hurting any part of your head.

If the mask has chin straps, this makes it even better. Some are built-in while others are detachable. They ensure that the mask stays firmly on your head even if you roll.


How are the lens-shaped? The shape of the paintball mask lens should be such that you can see from side to side and in front of you. The best mask should have an unobstructed and a large peripheral view. This goes a long way in ensuring that you win the game.


This determines your comfort level. The last thing you need when playing paintball is a mask that feels uncomfortable in your head. Foam also reduces fogging, and it absorbs sweat. Buy a mask whose foam is replaceable. This makes it last longer.

paintball playing

They are also known as earpieces. They prevent paintballs from hitting on or in your ear. The best one should be such that it allows you to hear clearly and at the same time it perfectly protects your ears.

Having had a look at the essential features the best paintball mask, the last important thing to consider is cost. Have a budget and stick to it as you go shopping.