baby in bath

Tips For Enjoying Bathing A Baby

Giving your baby a bath is a bonding experience shared between you and her (or him). It’s also necessary to keep her skin clean. As enjoyable as the experience can be, it’s easy to neglect fundamental safety rules. Below,

Bathing a baby

Don’t turn your back

Bathing A BabyBabies can easily drown if left unsupervised. Making matters worse, it can happen within seconds with only a couple of inches of water. Avoid turning your back by preparing everything for her bath beforehand. Gather the soap, shampoo, towel, and any toys she may enjoy. Also, if you need to leave abruptly during her bath, take her with you.

Watch the water temperature

Babies typically prefer cooler water than you do. Take that into account when you’re fixing the temperature. Also, the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet can change without warning. Avoid putting her into the tub until it’s filled. And of course, don’t allow her to touch the faucet. It may feel fine to you, but her skin is sensitive; the heat from the valve can burn her.

Limit fragrances

Your baby may enjoy the scents in her shampoo or soap, but keep in mind that some of them can be irritating to her skin. The chemicals that are used to create the fragrances may cause health problems for her. Once absorbed into her skin, they may trigger respiratory issues or allergies. Another concern is that shampoos and soaps that give off fruity scents may confuse her; she may try to eat them. If possible, don’t use products that contain fragrances.

Teach her to be safe in the tub

Bathing A Baby 2Left to their owned devices, babies can get into plenty of trouble in the bathtub. Some of them will do everything in their power to stand rather than sit. On the other hand, the bottom of the tub can be extremely slick when wet. Without trying, your baby may slip and become submerged or accidentally hit her head. Each time she tries to stand, make her sit. That will prevent her from injuring herself. Also, consider buying a rubber bath mat. Put it on the bottom of the tub to keep her from slipping. You can also purchase a spout guard. That way, if she happens to slip, the cushion of the guard will prevent her from harm.

Bonding with baby

The time you spend giving your baby a bath fortifies the bond shared between you. Not only will she have fun while sitting in the tub, but your constant presence will make her feel safe and close to you. Use the tips above to ensure that she not only feels safe but remains so while you’re cleaning her