The Importance Of The Foreign Language Policy

Language embodies the culture of people. It gives them an identity with which they can relate with from any part of the world. It bonds people and gives them a sense of belonging. This enables ideologies and lifestyles to be passed down from generation to generation in an authentic way. In so doing, the culture of people is preserved. It is estimated that over half of the world’s languages are in danger of going extinct within the 21st century. Visit for more information of the foreign language policy. This is where the importance of the foreign language policy is seen at work.

General information

Understanding the foreign language policy

pile of booksThe foreign language policy is a set of rules that is created by a nation to promote the use of a particular language or languages for others. It can also be seen as regulations that govern or limit the use of certain languages. This is done through legislation, court ruling or guidelines. Every nation has its foreign language policy, which is put in place to serve the interests of that nation. In many a case it is the desire to promote sovereignty that causes a nation to have a foreign language policy. This limits the use of foreign languages in the state while giving directions to their use as well as the use of a particular language.

Preserving culture

The language policy is now being seen as a way of preserving the culture of people. Because of the danger of losing small ethnic tribes across the world, governments are putting in place strategies to promote ethnic language use. This has been an opposing force to what had been prevailing before as leaders had always seen the promotion of ethnic minorities as a threat to national unity. They had therefore been against it. But it being that the foreign language policy has promoted the use of foreign languages in many sovereign states, it has made not promoting their ethnic tribes as shooting themselves in the foot.

Creating porous borders

With inclusivity of foreign languages into sovereign states, it has become possible for the world to interact easily. This is because there are specific languages like English, French, and Spanish that are being spoken the world over. The need for integration with the worldwide business communities has seen governments make spirited efforts to get their citizens to learn foreign languages. This can be seen as in the case of Vietnam which has been promoting English learning since 1986 to advance economically. Japan and China are other nations that have made strides in the learning of foreign languages like English and Kiswahili. This becomes a benefit to the nations that encourage linguistic integration with the world as opposed to it being a disadvantage.


big classroomThere is the overall importance of the foreign language policy. It is seen to benefit a nation in that it can preserve the culture of people as well as integrate the rest of the world. This fosters worldly cohesion and promotes growth in various ways. That is why the mono-linguistic approach that the US promotes in its citizenry is not popular the international community.