Cleaning Swimming Pools

Cleaning a pool is essential for everyday use of the pool and the health of the users given that the probability of drinking the water is very high, as much as the basin has chlorine over time the water gets squalid and it becomes hazardous for the users. Click here for some pool cleaning advice. A dirty pool over time has a foul smell thus cleaning a pool is also suitable for odor purposes.

General information

Clean the deck:

jhhjhjhjhjhjhbbIt’s important to clean the floor first. A clean pool is more than the basin itself it also includes the area around the pool, the deck paramount. There are leaves, soil or even dirty water that gets to the deck of the pool this should be cleaned out so that the dirt on the floor does not get into the pool. A decent deck also means that the user’s feet will not get dirty and in return making the pool dirty.

Check the equipment:

Check the pressure gauge this way you ill be able to see how the filtration system performs, from the pressure gauge you can tell the signs of a broken filter system. When you have a lower pressure, it is a sign that something is clogged up in the filtration system. Listen to the sound of the motor is it normal? Check if there is heat from the combustion, check for the smell. Check if the time on the time clock is the correct time, keeping the current time. Check the for any leaks in the flow of water in the pump basket.

Empty the baskets:

Look closely on the skimmer wire to check if it is broken or not aligned properly. When the skimmer basket is, full water passing through the filtration system is reduced. An entire skimmer over time creates additional pressure on the pump making the filtration less useful. With the help of a pressure cleaner, clean the inline strainer.

Skim the pool:

Avoid removing on windy days. With the aid of a leaf rake, it is important to remove the leaves and debris that is on the pool surface. After a windy day, it is definite that the leaves have fallen in the pool and therefore the pool should be cleaned out. Leaving leaves on your pool affects the growth of algae and affects your Ph in general.

Check your levels:

jhhjhjhhjhjThe ideal Ph level of a pool should be between 7.3 to 7.5; you can easily know this by using a water test kit e.g. the Taylor Test Kits. The alkalinity of a pool should be between the 80-120 ppm. With the utilization of the kit test for calcium hardens.