magic shroom in the forest

Guide to Using Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms are quite popular due to its psychedelic properties. In this guide, you will understand the vital things that are quite helpful before you can use them. Ideally, you can identify the right shrooms and what to expect when it comes to using them. Ideally, when you’re buying shrooms on the internet check the shipping time and cost.

Before you even start using these shrooms, you need to understand what they are. Ideally, they are fungus with psilocybin as the active ingredient. The compounds bind with the serotonin receptors to induce the psychedelic experience. You should note that there are over 170 species of magic mushrooms.

No matter the species you use, they have similar effects. Also, you have to determine the right dosage as it determines your feelings, spiritual experiences, and even hallucinations. That explains why man has been using them for several centuries. Nowadays, they are important recreational substances, and studies are ongoing to explore their medicinal benefits.

Dosage and Effects

bundled magic shroomsHow magic mushrooms are used varies from one person to another. These vary depending on the setting and dosage. Persons who use these shrooms describe an increased sense of introspection and emotional state. Some people have reported experiencing synesthesia and time distortion. Psilocybin mushrooms can cause certain effects, especially on the user’s visual. Shifting colors and shapes, rainbows around the geometric patterns and objects can be of great help. In this era, people are concerned with feelings of connection, contentment, and inner peace.

When using magic mushrooms, you have to ensure you use the right dose. In this way, you can be a guarantee of enjoying a positive experience. It is advisable to get your shrooms from a reputable dispensary as it can give you a guideline on dosage.

When using mushrooms, ensure you are in a safe and comfortable setting. Moreover, you need to be in a positive state of mind. You can consult a professional or a friend. Ideally, the person ought to have adequate experience with psychedelics and be sober. In this way, you can alleviate the issues that you have.

Types of Magic Mushrooms

magic shroomYou should note that there are various types of magic mushrooms on the market. Remember that for a mushroom to fall into this category; it should contain psilocybin as the primary component. Also, the amount of psilocybin varies from one species to another. You can find these types of mushrooms in different parts of the world. Although they are available in different varieties, it is vital to note that they vary in appearance.