Best Masticating Juicers – Ultimate Buying Guide

If you want to drink more nutritious juice and get ultimate health benefits from natural fruits and vegetables, buying one of the best masticating juicers is the wisest decision you should make. These juicers, also known as cold press juicers or slow juicers, are good at grinding whole fruits and vegetables and squeezing utmost juices out of them. Masticating juicers are slow but efficient. If you want to extract maximum juices from your fruits and vegetables, the ultimate buying guide below will help you select the best masticating juicer, also go to Juice The Juice to learn more about these amazing juicers described by Dr. Mercola as the best way through which you can take crucial nutrients without eating pounds of vegetables daily.rt5y6ur56y45t

Guide for best masticating juicers

1. Omega J8006 masticating juicer

This is a low speed masticating style juicer that maintains all the healthy nutrients in fruits and vegetables, prevents the juice from being oxidized, and it can maintain the high quality of juice through a storage period of 72 hours. The juicer has a very powerful motor, has an auto pulp-removal function and is very easy to operate. It extracts maximum juice from the produce, operates quietly, has a compact design and it is durable. The juicer is also suitable for grinding spices and coffee, extruding pasta, making baby food using fresh ingredients, and mincing herbs.

2. Breville BJS600XL masticating juicer

It is very effective in extracting juice from different fruits and vegetables, including dry fruits and low liquid vegetables such as leafy vegetables. You can also combine different fruits and vegetables and juice them simultaneously. The cleaning process of the juicer is very easy as it involves disassembling all parts and cleaning them up. When using this juicer, you are assured that all pulps will come out dry. It has a powerful motor; it is relatively quiet, requires small storage space, and provides juice with a natural taste.

3. Tribest SW-2000-B masticating juicer

This is a low-speed juicer that does not oxidize the produced juice. It has a powerful motor that comes with 3-stage gears for reducing speed. It operates quietly, has a stylish design and is small in size. Besides regular juicing, it is also used for mincing pates, nut butter, and herbs. Its double-edge auger makes a cutting of the produce simple and quick.

4. Hamilton two-speed beach juicer

It operates at two speeds, has a lid, a froth separator and a sizeable pulp bin. Its removable parts are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The juice container can hold up to 40 ounces of juice. The powerful motor makes it easy to crush different varieties of fruits and vegetables, including hard ones. It is also fairly priced compared to other juicers with similar operating characteristics.